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Myopia Management for Parents

Welcome to Flores Optometry, Inc. in San Leandro, CA. As parents, understanding myopia, or nearsightedness, is essential for your child's eye health. Myopia typically starts in childhood and often requires glasses or contact lenses to see clearly for activities like viewing a whiteboard at school. Nearsighted children may experience an increase in their nearsightedness as they grow, leading to a greater reliance on glasses or contacts.

What is Myopia?

Myopia is a common eye condition. It’s most frequent symptom is nearsightedness, or the inability to see objects clearly at a distance. The reason objects are blurry in the distance with nearsightedness is because the eye becomes longer as the child grows.

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What Causes Myopia?

Myopia is on the rise – in its frequency and its severity.2 The reason for its escalation has been linked to two factors:


Kids with one or two myopic parents are more likely to be myopic.4


Spending more time on activities like reading or using handheld devices instead of spending time outdoors increases the likelihood of becoming myopic.3

Treatment Options:

  1. MiSight: MiSight is a soft contact lens specifically designed for myopia management in children. It helps slow down the progression of myopia while providing clear vision.

  2. Atropine Drops: Atropine eye drops are used to dilate the pupil and help slow down the progression of myopia. They are typically applied once a day, usually before bedtime.

  3. OrthoK (Orthokeratology): OrthoK involves wearing specially designed rigid contact lenses overnight to reshape the cornea temporarily. This technique provides clear vision during the day without the need for glasses or contacts.

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T O G E T H E R , W E C A N M A N A G E M Y O P I A

More than just vision correction, myopia management with MiSight® 1 day contact lenses can help keep your child’s future brilliant. MiSight® 1 day contact lenses:

• Correct distance vision immediately
• Can slow myopia progression during the growing years
• Provide a comfortable experience
• Allow you to avoid the worry of losing or breaking glasses • Accommodate a more active lifestyle
• Children who wear contact lenses have significantly better quality of life than kids wearing glasses, especially regarding athletics and appearance

At Flores Optometry, Inc., we understand the importance of managing your child's myopia effectively. Our experienced team is dedicated to providing personalized care and guidance to help your child maintain clear vision and reduce the risk of vision complications associated with myopia progression. Schedule an appointment with us today to learn more about myopia management options for your child.

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