What should I bring in for my eye exam as a new patient?

We recommend bringing your medical insurance card, your current pair(s) of glasses and a box or slip of current contact lenses if you wear them. If you are a new patient, we also need a new patient form. We text patients a few days before with a secure link to fill the form out. We also have a pdf form or link on our website.

Why do you ask for my medical insurance card?

Our doctors can see patients for medical related visits such as a foreign body removal, eye infections, ocular allergies, sudden floaters or changes in vision, etc. These types of visits are billed to medical plans, not vision plans. If during your eye exam, our doctor finds something that requires a referral to an ophthalmologist, we have your medical insurance on file to send you to a provider within your network.

Where do I park?

There is a free 2-hour parking lot at the back of the office on Estudillo Avenue. Our main entrance is located by the parking lot. Our front door facing E 14th street is locked at all times.

How long are my glasses and/or contacts prescription valid for?

Glasses prescriptions are valid for 2 years, while contact lens prescriptions are valid for 1 year. Although, glasses prescriptions expire every 2 years, a yearly exam is recommended since the comprehensive exam checks for more than just prescription.

Can I get a prescription for contacts at the same time as my regular eye exam?

You definitely can. If you are an existing patient and we have record of the lenses you are wearing, come in with the contacts on. If you are a new patient and like the lens type/brand you’ve been wearing and have proof of what you’re wearing like a prescription copy or a slip/box that shows brand and prescription you may also come in wearing the lenses.

*Reminder, although we can do an eye exam and contact lens exam on the same date, there is a separate fee for the contact lens exam.

Am I going to get dilated?

Patients get dilated every other year. Some patients with certain conditions such as diabetes or other retinal findings, get dilated yearly. The doctor will discuss with you if they plan on dilating you before putting the eyedrops in your eyes.

Can I drive after being dilated?

Dilation drops affect near vision and make you light sensitive. The majority of patients will be okay to drive after. If the doctor thinks you won’t be able to drive, they will mention it during the eye exam before putting the eyedrops in and recommend coming back when you have a ride. If you feel that you are not okay to drive after, we recommend hanging out in the office until you feel comfortable.

Can I use my own frame?

Patients can use their own frame. We just have to check that it is a frame that can have prescription put in and that the frame is in good condition. Using your own frame is at your own risk. We are not liable if something happens to them while in transit or at the lab.

Can I bring my prescription from another office?

As long as the prescription is valid within the last two years, we can use it to make glasses for you.

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