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About Flores Optometry Inc

Welcome to Flores Optometry Inc, where we provide comprehensive eye care services and offer the latest in-demand lenses and frames to San Leandro and its surrounding communities. Established in 2007, Flores Optometry, Inc. has been proudly serving the eye care needs of San Leandro residents for over a decade, and we're dedicated to helping you achieve and maintain clear vision for years to come.

At Flores Optometry, Inc., our experienced team of eye care professionals is committed to providing you with exceptional care. From comprehensive eye exams to fitting you with quality lenses and frames, we're here to meet all your eye care needs. Utilizing advanced diagnostic technology, we strive to enhance the quality of life for our San Leandro community by improving vision and promoting overall eye health.

Visit us at our convenient location at 1332 E 14th Street, San Leandro, CA 94577, and experience the difference modern eye care can make.

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